Dean Corrodus

Driver Number: 
Driver Class: 
Bracket 31 (B31)

Name: Dean A. G. Corrodus aka "Duct Tape".

Place of Birth and hometown: Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Occupation: Businessman

Years in Motor Sports: Twenty three as an organizer

Recent Achievements.


Individual class wins too many to list.

JMMC/MBMC Rally Sport Drivers Champion

MBMC Clubman Champion
JMMC Overall Dexterity champion
JA3 class Rally champion
JA3 class Sprint Champion
2wd Rally Champion
JRDC IP35 championship 2nd place.

1st place Overall 2wd and Class JA3 Ironshore Sprint
1st place Overall 2wd and Class JA3 Kir-Dex Transportation Tarmac Rally & 3rd place overall
Most of the year was spent in an organizational capacity, coordinating fifteen (15) events for the JMMC, the MBMC and the Red Bull Soapbox race.
MBMC Organizer’s Champion
MBMC Clubman Champion

2nd place Class JA3 Spot Valley Sprint #4
2nd place Class JA3 Morelands Sprint #5

Organizer Red Bull Formula 1 Urban Run and Auto Fair, Trafalgar Rd, New Kingston.

2nd place Class JA3 JMMC/Taboo/Kirdex Sprint #1
1st place Class JA3 JMMC/Taboo/Kirdex Sprint #2

1st place Class JA3 JMMC/Spot Valley Sprint #4
1st place Class JA3 JMMC/Spot Valley Sprint #5
JMMC National Rally Sport Driver’s Champion (2nd time)
2WD JMMC Sprint Champion
2nd place JMMC National Sprint Championship

1st place Class JA3 JMMC/Badda Badda Sprint #5

Fastest 2WD


2nd place Class JA3 JMMC Tarmac Sprint #1
4th place Class JA3 JMMC Tarmac Sprint #2 
3rd plave Race 2 Class MP2 JRDC Heroes of Speed


Organizer JRDC Heroes of Speed


1st place Class JA3 Sprint 1

1st place Class JA3 Sprint 2

Organizer JRDC April, May and August race meets

Drivers Rallysport Club JA3 Sprint class champion


Organizer Speedwest Weekend Round 1 of the Seaboard Marine Caribbean Motor Racing Championship.

Elected chairman of the Jamaica Millennium Motoring Club, the governing body for motors[ports in jamaica.

Elected to the executive committee of the Jamaica Race Driver's Club and subsequently  listed as Organizer of circuit events at Dover Raceway with special responsibilities for media, news reports, announcing, security, parking, roadway and club website.

MEMBERSHIPS: Team Mobay Racing, Jamaica Millennium Motoring Club, Jamaica Race Driver’s Club.

SPONSORS: The Automotive Performance Centre Ltd.


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