George Bayley

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Bracket 27 (B27)

Class B27 champion George Bayley, although affectionately called Osama, takes his direction from Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Jamaica Gleaner article

From: Opal Davidson, Gleaner Writer

The death of his daughter five years ago led circuit racing driver George Bayley to surrender his life to God. Today, apart from wanting to be the ultimate race driver, he has been using the Mitsubishi Evolution 8 which he races to spread the word of Jesus Christ.

Unlike other race cars at the Dover Raceway, which are decorated with the names of sponsors, Bayley's silver 'Evo' has the words of the gospel written all over it. On the roof are the words "The Jesus Car"; "No Jesus, No Peace" is on the bumper, as well as "I Live to Worship You". On one of the front doors are the words "No one comes to the father except through me".

"This is my medium of spreading the gospel," the 46-year-old businessman told Automotives at last Sunday's Independence of Speed meet, about an hour before taking the chequered flag in the B24 class championship.

Bayley, the B24 champion for 2011, is seeking to impart messages of hope and of inspiration to those who see his car. "I feel obligated to spread the gospel by writings and inscriptions or whatever way that I can," the former Priory High student said.

His decision to utilise the car to share the good news of salvation on the highways and byways - literally - was born out of a painful experience. "It started about five years ago when I lost my daughter, which changed my entire life," he explained.

Her untimely demise propelled Bayley and his entire family to surrender their lives to the Lord. Since accepting the Lord into his life, Bayley's racing career has improved tremendously.

A member of the Balmoral Avenue, St Andrew-based Love and Faith Outreach Ministries, Bayley , who has won the hearts of hundreds of motor sports fans, attributes his victories to his faith and belief in God.

"I started to excel on the track and I don't even know what I was doing differently," Bayley said.


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