Matthew Gore

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Driver Class: 
Modified Production 4 (MP4)

Hometown: Montego Bay, Jamaica since 1981.
Born: Tyler, Texas, USA, July 24, 1979 to Jamaican parents Neil & Carol (nee McFarlane) Gore.
Age: 28
Marital Status: Single, no dependents.
Hobbies & Interests: Motorsports, music, livestock farming.

Motorsport History
1995 Started racing, entered his first speed events at the Morelands Raceway driving a 1986 rear wheel drive Toyota Starlet – placed 3rd in class in the August meet and 2nd in class in the December meet.
1996 Did some navigating in big rallies.
1997 bought his first car, a 1987 Opel Corsa GTE Front wheel drive (FWD), running a select amount of races in dexterities and sprints,  placing in the top 3 in class on each outing. Continued to navigate in rallies and entered the Texaco International rally in Barbados, placing 18th overall.
1998 sold the Opel and bought a 1988 Toyota Corolla FX Fwd, running a select amount of races in dexterities, sprints, circuit and rallies placing in the top 3 in class on each outing. Entered his first rally “The Raynor King Memorial”, but had driveline failure while leading the class.
1999 was one of Matthew’s best years in racing in Jamaica. He sold the Corolla Fx and bought a 1995 Mitsubishi Mirage (Colt) RS, competing in most of the events on the local calendar that year, placing 3rd overall in the Drivers Championship, 1st in the 2wd championship, 1st 2wd sprint championship, 1st 2wd Rally championship, 2nd in the circuit racing championship Class IP1 and MP1 and being the youngest awarded champion to date at 19yrs old. Once again he went with Team Jamaica to Barbados and navigated, was 3rd overall Day 1 and then retired with gearbox problems. This year also saw Matthew enter the Cayman Challenge Cup in which he drove a car from Cayman and placed 7th overall. For 1999, Matthew received 47 trophies overall.
2000 sold the 1995 Mirage RS and acquired a newer 1998 model, competing in circuit, rally and sprint events. Went to Cayman with this car and won the overall Cayman Challenge Cup, placed 2nd in the IP1 circuit championship and 3rd in MP1, competed in the first leg of the NACAM Rally Championship in Jamaica and placed 1st in class and then sold the car. Matthew ran his first event in a 4wd car and placed 2nd overall on a dirt Sprint. After the result from this event he was encouraged to buy a 4wd car.
2001 bought a 1994 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 1 in September and competed in 1 rally and selected sprint events.
2002 totally rebuilt the Evolution 1 and ran selected events with the highest placing being 4th overall.
2003-05 car was up for sale as well as he ran a few selected events until it was finally sold in March 05.
2006 Matthew received full sponsorship from a successful racing team who had two good four wheel drive (4wd) race cars; a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII circuit car and a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V rally car.

In March Matthew entered the season opening rally and placed 4th overall, after which he competed in a sprint, placing 3rd in class, after which both cars were totally rebuilt for the 07 season.
2007: Competed in the Jamaican National Circuit Racing Championship and placed 2nd in the Modified Production Class 3, just 0.6 of a point off first place!
Also placed 2nd in the GTS championship, with four wins, six second and three third place finishes.
Competed in only 2 sprint events with the rally car and placed 3rd on each outing.
In December was invited by Team48 Motorsports for a driving test and was accepted by the team.
2008: Travelled to England and did major test sessions for Team48 Motorsports in preparation for the 2008 British Touring Car Championship.
Will also be competing in the 2008 Cable & Wireless High Speed Online Jamaican National Circuit Racing Championship with the Jamaica Race Driver’s Club at home in Jamaica.


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