A frenetic showdown between Doug 'Hollywood' Gore and David 'The King' Summerbell is expected in the final circuit race meet of the year, the Heroes of Speed event at Dover Raceway, St Ann, on October 21.



Dover Heroes of Speed

Back on track!

The deciding race meet for the Jamaica Race Drivers Club 2013 circuit racing championship

The chairman of the JRDC, Mr. Norman Minott, backed by the sitting executive, is committed to ensuring the proper sustainable development of Jamaica's circuit racing product that will see increased partnerships with advertisers, competitors, spectators, service providers, affiliate clubs and organisations and the public.

Dear Members,

Please be advised that a Club Meeting of the Jamaica Race Drivers Club is scheduled for Monday  7th October, 2013 at 6:30pm  at a venue to be announced.
Please make every effort to attend as this meeting will discuss the logistics of the Heroes Day meet which will be on Monday 21 October as well as any other issues arising from the membership.


Dear Club Members,
RE: Technical Regulations Meeting

CHRISTOPHER 'Teach' McFarlane, who recently relinquished the position of president of the Jamaica Race Driver's Club (JRDC), says he'll return.
The JRDC was created to organise and promote the sport of motor racing in Jamaica, especially circuit racing at Dover Raceway in St Ann.

Dear JRDC Membership.

It is with much regret that I must tender my resignation as Chairman of the Board of Directors (President as we call it) of the Jamaica Race Driver's Club.  This is due to personal reasons.

On Sunday I was searching through a stack of papers buried in one of those huge openings we call ‘dresser drawers’. As if by design, my fingers discovered priceless artifacts. Pieces so valuable I could retire presently, buy the yacht and spend my days conceptualizing, like the Brain (of the Pinky and the Brain, cartoon fame), the master plan to rule the world.

Jean Todt

President of the world governing body of motorsport the Federation International le' Automobile (FIA), Jean Todt, is currently in Jamaica along with a top level delegation comprising regional vice presidents of the FIA including Mr.


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