CMRC15-06: September 15, 2015

Barbados up to second in Seaboard Marine CMRC

Motorcycle results
Pos CPos Veh# Region Name Class Make Model Sponsor BestLa BestTime Laps TrackTime
Fastest lap: 01:17.973 by veh# 326 K. Reynolds
1 1 326 Kyle Reynolds MCA Kawasaki ZXGR Irie Racing 8 01:17.973 8 00:11:14
2 2 112 David Bell MCA Honda CBRR Irie Racing 8 01:18.974 8 00:11:11

Hello All,
The wrecker for Jamwest will start loading on Wednesday, July 29, 2015 at Alex's Import by Six Miles (Spanish Town Road). There will be Three (3) trips, each carrying 6 cars at a time. The following drivers have booked and are scheduled as follows:

Wednesday, July 29: (2 slots open)
Sebastien Rae
Peter Rae
Brian Shor
Vivian Mitchell

Good day all,


The Emancipation of Speed 2015 Press Launch will be held this Thursday July 23rd at the Sports Development Foundation (SDF) at 31 Phoenix Avenue commencing at 10 am.


See you there!



M. Gibbs

Jamaica Race Drivers Club


CMRC15-03: June 15, 2015

Seaboard Marine CMRC opens new era for Wallerfield

This is a reminder that our Club Meeting will be held this Sunday June 14th at the Liguanea Club (Kingston) commencing at 6 pm.

For those in the western end of the island, Skype will be available at Dean Corrodus' business place (The Automotive Performance Centre - 3 Cottage Road, Montego Bay).

Good day all,

The Board of Directors would like to express its appreciation to all members and competitors for your efforts in making the Total Quartz Daryl King Memorial Event a success. Congrats to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out our website (jrdc.org) or our facebook page for pics and updates.

Please note the following:

Race Results Total Quartz Daryl King Memorial Race Meet May 25, 2015 has been created.

The Total Quartz Daryl King Memorial Meet is the second in JDRC's four-event circuit racing championship series at the Dover Raceway in St Ann, scheduled for May 25. It will feature 15 races. It is also a part of Ministry of Tourism and Entertainment 90 Days of Summer promotion.

Good day all,


The Total Quartz Daryl King Memorial Competitors Briefing will be held tomorrow Wednesday May 20th at the Sports Development Foundation (SDF) at 31 Phoenix Avenue commencing at 6:30 pm.


Critical information on updates to the Race meet operations will be communicated at this meeting, as such, it is important that competitors be in attendance.

The Total Quartz Daryl King Memorial Press Launch will be held tomorrow Tuesday May 19th at the Sports Development Foundation (SDF) at 31 Phoenix Avenue commencing at 10 am.


See you there!


Ticket Outlets are as follows:



JRDC Office, Kingston   906-5732
Donovan Montague Woolworth King Street   424-3352

Total Dunrobin Ave, Kingston
Tile City Constant Spring Rd
Monique Gibbs, Kingston    420-4929

Auto Source, Kingston   Chressmore BOLT White 969-8428

Aldaine Hamilton, Kingston    337-5225

Good day all, We have only two (2) weeks to go until our Daryl King Memorial Race Meet 2015. Please ensure that you: ·

Acquire your JMMC competition licenses ·

Renew your JRDC membership ($3,000) ·

Get your car / bike and yourself ready to race.

The tentative schedule for the upcoming race meet (LABOUR DAY Monday, May 25th) is provided below for your information.

On Sunday May 24th, FREE PRACTICE will be in session with the medical team (ambulance and doctors) in place.


Carnival of Speed 2015 results are available in the results section of this website

Ameer Johnson B 39
Andre Anthony Anderson MP 3
Brian Shor B 39
Cecil Munroe B 39
Charles Chen TS 2
Chris-John Addison B 39
Christopher Campbell TS 2
David Summerbell Jr TS 2
Dean Corrodus B 29
Dean Shaw MP 1
Don Gilbert B29


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