Frequent question: Are helmets required for autocross?

Helmets must be worn for all track and autocross events. Helmets certified as meeting the most current or the two most recent applicable Snell, FIA, or SFI standards are acceptable.

What type of helmet do you need for autocross?

Auto Racing Helmets

Most autocross events will require a Snell M rated helmet at the minimum, but we recommend getting a Snell SA rated helmet in case you decide to do other automotive events, like HPDE’s or track days, which may require the SA rating.

Can I wear a motorcycle helmet for autocross?

Non-Snell Motorcycle helmets (DOT approved only) are usually not allowed for most autocross venues.

What is SCCA autocross?

“Solo®” is the brand name for SCCA® Autocross and on paper it seems very simple – use traffic cones to make a mini-roadcourse in a parking lot or airport and see who can get the lowest time without hitting any cones or going off course.

How do you become an autocross racer?

Here are 10 things to get you started in autocrossing:

  1. Restrain yourself. …
  2. Find an autocrossing club. …
  3. Do your homework (#1). …
  4. Take a driving school. …
  5. Get your temporary (and eventually permanent) license. …
  6. Drive, drive, drive. …
  7. Make changes to your car. …
  8. Do your homework (#2).
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What do you need for autocross?

What should I bring to an autocross? You need to bring your car in good working mechanical order, a valid driver’s license and a helmet (loner helmets are available in most regions).

How many years is a Snell helmet good for?

Snell urges everyone to replace their Snell certified helmets routinely no later than five years after the helmet is first worn.

What helmets do MotoGP riders wear?

AGV and Dainese have always put their new products to the most extreme test of all: racing. That developed on the track with the champions of motorcycle GP represents the ultimate in technology, and is evolving constantly. Pista GP RR, the helmet used by MotoGP™ riders, demonstrates AGV’s obsession for perfection.

Are car helmets and motorcycle helmets the same?

There is a difference between helmets

While a motorcycle helmet and an auto racing one may look the same, the difference is in the details. Both types are offered in a full-face, open-face, or hybrid configuration – depending on what kind of facial protection you want – and both of them come with DOT and Snell ratings.

Can I wear a motorcycle helmet in a car?

California Requires All Riders to Wear a Helmet

It not only requires the person operating the motorcycle to wear a helmet, but also any passengers who are on the vehicle. The law also extends beyond motorcycles, explicitly including all motorized bicycles and motor-driving cycles in its definition.

How many runs is an autocross?

In an autocross, you do not get a practice run, so the more familiar you are with the course, the better your initial run will be. You will get three runs, sometimes more. Generally the number of runs is announced at the driver’s meeting before the event begins.

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Can you wear shorts to autocross?

Long pants are not required, but sandles or other open-toed shoes are not allowed at our events. Different clubs will have different rules. Long pants and shirt are not usually required, I almost always autox in shorts and a t-shirt. Flip-flops are a bad idea, but sandals that stay firmly on your feet should be okay.

Where can I do autocross?

Most autocross events are held at local race tracks, while large parking lots at stadiums and even unused airstrips are also common venues.

Can you win money in autocross?

First answer: exactly zero! There is no prize money, no guaranteed contract that gives you a car and gas and tires for free. Just maybe if you’re really good and win at the SCCA Nationals you might earn a free set of tires and some discounts on brakes if you win on a brand of tire or brakes that sponsors the event.

Is autocross hard on your car?

As far as being hard on your car, autocross definitely wears your tires quicker. All season tires are particularly susceptible to damaging wear such as chunking and scalloping, since the tread compound is not designed for the heat that is generated and the sidewalls are flexible and will roll over in hard cornering.

How can you get into motorsport?

Top Tips to Get into Motorsport

  1. First things first … join a motor club. …
  2. Advanced Driving School. You may think you’re a Lewis Hamilton in the making, but chances are you’ve got some basic skills to learn before you can safely power your ‘dream machine’ to its limits. …
  3. Autocross. …
  4. Drift clinics. …
  5. Car rallying. …
  6. Go Karting.
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