What city is Need for Speed Carbon based on?

The game sees players conducting illegal street races within the fictional city of Palmont City, with the game’s main story taking place after the events of Need for Speed: Most Wanted and focusing on the player’s character taking control of the city from various street-racing gangs.

Does NFS Carbon Own the City have free roam?

Own the City does not feature Autosculpt, Canyons, or Drift events. It is the first handheld Need for Speed game to feature free roam police pursuits and the only handheld Need for Speed game to have an option to free roam the city.

Is NFS Carbon a good game?

Carbon, in other words, is a decent update to last year’s game with improved graphics, excellent Autosculpt customization, a different progression system, and an all-around solid take on the game. It’s not revolutionary, it’s not brilliant, but it’s good, deep racing.

Can you still buy Need for Speed Carbon?

Need for Speed Carbon is not available at Origin Store anymore. But some retail stores(e.g. amazon.com) still have some used or even new copies. There are available also the WideScreen Fix, no cd key fix & OnlineEnabler.

Is NFS Carbon good Reddit?

Carbon is absolutely a good game, but it’s one that was far too ambitious for the time it had in the oven. People often cite this as the beginning of the end for Black Box NFS, and I can see why. People also say that this game failed to innovate, but with that I don’t entirely agree.

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Is NFS Carbon a sequel?

Carbon is the sequel to Most Wanted. Silverton is Darius’s part of the city.