What is a door car in drag racing?

Drag racing vehicles and vehicle class which usually refers to sedan bodies. Door cars/door slammers still have functional doors for drivers to use. These are sometimes called door slammers, and are differentiated from funny cars which have a lightweight, single piece body that rests on a chassis.

What are drag racing cars called?

A dragster is a specialized competition automobile used in drag racing. Dragsters, also commonly called “diggers”, can be broadly placed in three categories, based on the fuel they use: gasoline, methanol, and nitromethane.

What is the fastest ever recorded in a drag race of ¼ of a mile?

Fastest 1/4 mile ever 3.58 secs @ 386 mph (621.61 km/h)Santa Pod dragstrip is the venue in which the current world drag racing record, a time of 3.58 seconds…

What is a Promod car?

Pro Modified Cars are 200mph doorslammers, running on petrol or methanol. They are the fastest class of drag cars with working doors; only rail Dragsters and Funny Cars are quicker. Pro Mods are purpose-built race cars cloaked in replica street car bodies ranging in style from the 1930s to the present day.

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What does it mean to peddle a drag car?

Pedaling in drag racing is the action of feathering the throttle in order to regain traction. This split-second application of lighter pressure on the gas pedal maintains forward momentum while reducing wheelspin.

How many horsepower is a Nascar?

The engine in today’s NASCAR racecars produce upward of 750 horsepower, and they do it without turbochargers, superchargers or particularly exotic components.

Is Kye Kelleys car a Pro Mod?

Kye Kelley has been declared the fastest street raced car in the nation with his Camaro Promod, Shocker. … He’s probably made enough money off of the OKC guys to maintain his car, but he’s been supporting his family and racing life at oil refineries since he graduated college.

What is the fastest Pro Mod?

The fastest speed in an NHRA Drag Racing Pro Mod car race is 261.22 mph (420.39 km/h), achieved by Erica Enders (USA) on 22 June 2019 during qualifying at the NHRA Nationals in Norwalk, Ohio, USA.

What fuel does Pro Mod use?

Pro Mod race cars are 250+ mph door slammers running on injected nitrous/high octane racing fuel or supercharged and fueled with methanol. They are the fastest class of drag cars with working doors.

What does NT stand for in drag racing?

Thus began the popularity of No-Time racing events. No Time or N/T means, as in grudge racing, no times are given out by the announcers or displayed on the scoreboards. The time slips are cut in half, as well as the winning margin being cut away.

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What does tree mean in drag racing?

You could also say: ‘Tree. Definition: The starting line light fixture that lets racers know when the car is properly positioned for a start and when to start. Trees often have the following bulbs: Pre-staged and staged (yellow), countdown (three amber bulbs), start (green bulb), and foul start (red bulb).

What does deep mean in drag racing?

Deep Stage

To roll a few inches farther into the stage beam, indicated by the pre-stage lights on the Christmas Tree turning off. In that position, a racer is closer to the finish line and also closer to a foul start (red-light).