Which is the longest Formula 1 racing circuits in the world?

The longest Formula 1 circuit in the world is the Pescara Circuit in Pescara, Italy. This track is 16 miles long and it is around 3 times longer than the second longest circuit in the world. This race course was renowned for its narrow and bumpy roads and was considered one of the most dangerous circuits in the world.

Which is the longest Formula One racing circuits in the world?

The Pescara Circuit was a 16.032 miles (25.8 km) race course made up entirely of public roads near Pescara, Italy that hosted the Coppa Acerbo auto race. Pescara is the longest circuit to ever host a Formula One Grand Prix.

Which is the best F1 circuit?

The six best tracks for modern F1 cars

  • Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium. An obvious place to start, Spa-Francorchamps is a legendary circuit. …
  • Interlagos, Brazil. The modern Interlagos, even more so than Spa, is a shadow of what it once was. …
  • Sepang, Malaysia. …
  • Silverstone, UK. …
  • Monza, Italy. …
  • Suzuka, Japan.

Is Spa the longest F1 track?

Belgium – Spa-Francorchamps

The track was redeveloped in 1979, and although the new circuit is only half the original’s length, it’s still the longest on the current calendar at 7.004km.

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Which is the fastest F1 circuit?

Monza, throughout its long and storied history has been known for its high-speed, simplistic nature thanks to its 1920s design and the few alterations it has received, and is currently the fastest track on the Formula One calendar and has been so since 1991.

Which F1 track is the hardest?

Heading into the fifth race of the 2021 F1 season this weekend at the Monaco Grand Prix, Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas has explained why the historic circuit is the most difficult track for the drivers to handle.

Which is the longest circuit?

Longest Formula One Racing Circuits In The World

Rank Race Circuit, Location Circuit Length
1 Pescara Circuit, Pescara, Italy 16.0 miles
2 Sebring International Raceway, Sebring, Florida, United States 5.19 miles
3 Reims-Gueux, Reims, France 5.16 miles
4 AVUS, Berlin, Germany 5.16 miles

What is the longest F1 Track 2021?


The longest circuit on the calendar and another of F1’s iconic venues – set in a forest in the Belgian countryside. A spectacular test for any driver, featuring the awe-inspiring test that is Eau Rouge and the hairpin at La Source.

Where is Belgium F1 track?

Circuit de Monaco is a street circuit laid out on the city streets of Monte Carlo and La Condamine around the harbour of the Principality of Monaco.

Where is Singapore F1 race track?

The Marina Bay Street Circuit (otherwise known as the Singapore Street Circuit) is a street circuit around Marina Bay, Singapore, encompassing the planning areas of Downtown Core (Turns 4 to 23) and Kallang (Turns 1 to 3). It is the venue for the Singapore Grand Prix.

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Which Formula 1 team is the oldest?

Ferrari (1950-present)

Founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1947, Ferrari is the oldest active team in the FIA F1 world championships, having taken part in every championship since 1950. Arguably, the Ferrari team is the most successful F1 team ever, in every aspect.