You asked: What is the 2JZ in Forza?

The Supra RZ is powered by a three litre twin-turbocharged inline-six codenamed 2JZ-GTE and available as the “3.0L I6 – TT” engine swap in the Forza series. It produces 320 hp (239 kW) and 315 ft·lb (427 N·m) of torque, and is mated to a six-speed manual transmission by Getrag.

What engine is 2JZ in Forza?


Engine Origin Power
2.5L F4 – Turbo Subaru WRX STI (2011) 305 hp (227 kW)
2.0L Turbo – VVT Honda Civic Type R (2018) 306 hp (228 kW)
3.0L I6 – TT Toyota Supra RZ 320 hp (239 kW)
3.2L I6 BMW M3 (1997) 321 hp (239 kW)

What is the name of the 2JZ in fh4?

Although the GT-R is currently illegal in the US, it’s thankfully a common engine swap in Forza Horizon 4, with the capability to be fitted to a wide selection of vehicles. Although it’s a familiar rival to Toyota’s 2JZ engine, the RB26DETT is available in a massive range of cars.

What engine is the 3.2 L I6 in Forza?

BMW M3 ’05 333 hp 3.2L I6 from FM7. 825 hp racing V8 which appeared in many muscle cars, appears to have been replaced by the 850 hp RJ Anderson Pro Truck V8, though in fewer models. 230 hp F6 (Subaru SVX ’96) from FH3.

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Is a 3.0 L I6 TT a 2JZ?

Other than the fact that the 2JZ sounds exactly like the RB26 , you can swap a “RB26” in the Toyota GT86 , BUT , it can get to 1020 HP. If you max out the Skyline with a stock engine , you can only get 720 HP.

What engine is a 2.6 L I6?

RB26DETT (2.6L I6 TT) The RB26DETT engine is a 2.6 L (2,568 cc) Inline-six engine manufactured by Nissan, for use in the 1989-2002 Nissan Skyline GT-R.

What engine is a 3.0 L I6 T?

Duramax I6 engine

Duramax I-6
Displacement 3.0 litres (180 in3)
Cylinder bore 84 millimetres (3.3 in)
Piston stroke 90 millimetres (3.5 in)

What is the 2.6 L I6 in Forza?

The 2.6L I6 – TT is an engine swap featured in Forza Motorsport 4 and all subsequent main series titles.

What is a 3.0 L I6 TT?

The 3.0L I6 – TT is an engine swap featured in Forza Motorsport and all subsequent Xbox 360 titles, as well as Forza Horizon 2, Forza Horizon 3 and Forza Horizon 4. Advertisement.

How many liters is a 2JZ?

2JZ. The 2,997 cc (3.0 L; 182.9 cu in) 2JZ has been produced since 1991 (first released in the 1991 Toyota Aristo). Cylinder bore and stroke is 86 mm × 86 mm (3.39 in × 3.39 in). VVT-i variable valve timing was added later in 1997 for the 1998 model year.

What cars can take a 2JZ?

List of cars with the 2JZ-GE:

  • Toyota Altezza AS300/Lexus IS300.
  • Toyota Aristo/Lexus GS300.
  • Toyota Crown/Toyota Crown Majesta.
  • Toyota Mark II/Toyota Chaser/Toyota Cresta.
  • Toyota Origin.
  • Toyota Progres.
  • Toyota Soarer / Lexus SC300.
  • Toyota Supra.
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Are there any diesels in Forza Horizon 4?

Origin. The 12.8 I6T Diesel is an engine swap featured in Forza Horizon 4 used for one car.

What is a 4.0 F6 engine?

The 4.0L F6 is an engine swap featured in Forza Horizon 3 and Forza Horizon 4. Advertisement.

What car has a 7.2 L V8?

Dodge Charger 7.2 V8 1st Generation 381ps, (1966 – 1967)

What is the 6.2 L V8 in Forza Horizon 4?

The 6.2L V8 with 415 hp (309 kW) in the Forza series is a variation of the LS3 engine that was shared across General Motors’ brand lineup including Chevrolet, Holden and Pontiac.