Caribbean Motor Racing Championship (CMRC) : Mark Maloney’s RX-3

On Sunday I was searching through a stack of papers buried in one of those huge openings we call ‘dresser drawers’. As if by design, my fingers discovered priceless artifacts. Pieces so valuable I could retire presently, buy the yacht and spend my days conceptualizing, like the Brain (of the Pinky and the Brain, cartoon fame), the master plan to rule the world. On one of the papers, the letters positioned themselves and in unison they said -

“Mark Maloney,Barbados,RX-3:
3 Rotor 20B engine,Sequential Transmission,Active Differential.”

If you are an avid reader, sometimes words ‘jump’ at you, based on the message they convey. Those words did not ‘jump’ at me, they brought me back to a happy place, one which forced a smile when I remembered the sheer joy the race car mentioned in those 6 lines produced.

If you are not from the old school, you may know very little about the Mazda RX-7/3. For reasons which race car drivers will willingly explain, the RX7/3 is still well loved throughout the Caribbean and in the right hands it can deliver a permanent post in victory lane. Memories of Peter Moodie’s exploits aboard his steed affectionately known as the ‘Bomb’ will come rushing in for some individuals and don’t forget that David Summerbell Jr. had a rather successful spell behind the wheel of a RX-7 as well.

Mark Maloney

Mark Maloney’s RX- 3 will be at Dover this weekend. If I was stranded in a desert in Australia, I would sell my soul to a circling vulture, so I could be at the track Sunday and Monday to see and hear this car.

Unless you have been to prestigious motor racing events worldwide, such as Formula 1, American Lemans Series, Goodwood Festival of Speed, etc. chances are, you have not had the opportunity to hear a race car that stirs your every motor racing appreciating nerve. Trust me this one does. Forget whether it can beat TA1 or not, quite frankly I couldn’t care less. When this car rockets around the 1.6 miles at Dover Raceway, the combustion generated ensemble, resonates throughout the previously tranquil rural atmosphere in ways which make you thankful to be alive. This machine is the very definition of the word – AWESOME!

Bear in mind, that my emphasis here in no way seeks to suggest that this machine has the horsepower, torque or inherent speed to rattle King David’s throne. My interest resides in its sound-motivated impact on adrenalin levels, which soar to astronomical levels, far beyond the reach of the wings which Red Bull gives (the machine’s current livery displays Rockstar Energy drink).

Don’t take my word for it. By any means necessary, please ensure that you are at Dover the 23rd – the 24th for Round 1 of the CMRC and when you hear that mechanical orgasm snarling around the track, tell me if you share my view about what I consider to be some of the most exhilarating sounds that may leave an exhaust pipe!

Question – Did you know that the boost levels at which David Summerbell Jr. races TA1 is regarded by AMS as its practice /test mode? Scary!



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