Chairman resignation

Dear JRDC Membership.

It is with much regret that I must tender my resignation as Chairman of the Board of Directors (President as we call it) of the Jamaica Race Driver's Club.  This is due to personal reasons.

It has been a pleasure working for a greater cause this year, and our Club has accomplished much, including track/facility improvements, massive improvements in the quality of the show we present to our spectator and a sense of participation pride by our Sponsors.  This led to new Race Sponsors (MP 3/4 & MP1) coming on board, the first new race sponsor since David Jr. and I introduced the B45 sponsor 6 years ago. 

I was blown away also by the renewed energy by our Title Sponsor for this year Rubis Energy Jamaica.  We all saw how they presented themselves at the last event, and provided our spectators with an amazing Kiddies Village.  Thank you to Mr. Gary, Mr. Gibbs and Mr. Thomas from Rubis Energy Jamaica for stepping up.

Major thanks also to  Seaboard Marine and Michelle Marks, who has continuously been a tower of support for our local CMRC leg, and other activities geared at presenting more International Events at Dover Raceway.

To all other sponsors, it was a pleasure being associated with you.  The level of professionalism and zeal was second to none.  Thank you for the support, and I'm sure you will enjoy what's to come.

Special thanks to the Media, who was very warm and receptive to me from the day I was elected.  They took me to task on getting things done and was very accommodating in helping us spread the word about what has been done.  Each media house, photographer and blogger has done their part to help build our sport, and for that I will always be grateful, and humbled.

To the JRDC Membership, I promised many things this year, and made a dedicated effort to deliver on most.  The next delivery takes place on September 11th, when the TRC will present next years rules as promised.  My request to them was to prepare & present rules prior to the end of this season.  The rules/regulations should allow for better participation and competitiveness, while having positive cost containment options built in.  Please give them your support moving forward, as they have worked tirelessly, and without prejudice on these rules.  Thank you to Charles Chen for taking this on in the way he did.

It is my belief that our Club is poised for great things.

Thank you all for a great experience with the JRDC.  I will miss seeing everyone at Dover Raceway in October, and next year.

Best Regards,
Christopher 'Teach' McFarlane


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