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Author : cmunroe
Despite what you think of CR7, it cannot be denied by the rational mind that he is one of the greatest footballers of all time!

Hilary Jardine, Christopher McFarlane, Marck Carey, Charles Chen and Monique Gibbs all have at least one thing in common – each has served as President of the Jamaica Race Drivers Club.

Monique Gibbs broke new ground when she became the first female President of the dominantly male-membership club. A single accomplishment which speaks volumes about the mettle of the woman.


But, leadership, like a lab sample, is always under the microscope and must always be accountable. The JRDC for an extensive period, beginning prior to Monique’s tenure, has been plagued with myriad issues. For numerous reasons, the club has not maintained a healthy relationship with sustained profitability.

And this is not an indictment on the most recent President’s efforts, but, constantly recurring issues were resolute in their stance and a carpet large enough to sweep them under was not available – they simply would not disappear.

Established principles have taught that soiled clothes should not be washed in the public domain and as such that will not be done on these pages.

I saw Monique recently. We spoke briefly. Monique’s personality does not allow her to pretend. She is headstrong, abrupt at times, but, it cannot be denied by the honest individual that she is irrevocably attached and remains driven to assist the development of motorsports in Jamaica.

A conversation which began months ago came to a fruitful conclusion on June 10, 2018. At their annual general meeting on June 10, the members of the Jamaica Race Drivers Club decided that profound changes were necessary inorder to enhance the transformation of the club from its archaic model of operation to one consistent with an income-generating view.


Efficient management was restrained in the passenger seat. Unwavering commitment and tireless dedication to the task were thrown into the engine bay and Peter McConnell was assigned driver duties. And ironically, based on his proposal, he was mandated to chase financial success!

If resumes can be trusted, Peter is flanked by a pit crew which boasts qualifications that would render them more than capable of transforming a third world country’s struggling economy! The pit crew is comprised of Mark Myers, Dean Corrodus, Rosemarie Jadusingh, James Ince, Douglas Gore, past president Monique Gibbs and Donovan Montague.

If the JRDC’s new driver, Peter McConnell, has 1/2 of the driver-ability of his son – circuit racing champion driver – Fraser, addressing the JRDC’s immediate needs and mapping a route to long term, continuous financial success should be a walk in the park!

Cecil Munroe Gleaner On-Line Writer


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