Douglas Gore

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Thunder Sport (TS2)

Name: Douglas "Hollywood" Gore
Born: Sept 20, 1967 in Montego Bay, Jamaica
2 children: Sabrina Joanne and Thomas Neil.
Hometown: Montego Bay.
Occupation: Owns and operates Mobay Freight Services, a Customs Brokerage firm than also imports items from Miami and Japan.     


Started racing in Miami driving a VW Golf GTI in autocrosses and at drag races at Moroso Speedway in 1992-93.
Moved on to racing in Jamaica in 1994, driving an Opel Corsa GTE.
Entered his first Dover event that year winning Group 1 class and in 1995 winning the overall Group 1. Acquired his first Mitsubishi, a four wheel drive Colt RS that same year.

After many class wins in the Colt RS, upgraded to a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution II to take on the big boys from Kingston.
The first event entered was a single day stages rally at a track his own racing team was instrumental in building, Mobay Raceway, placing second (2nd) overall and first in class.

Many class and overall wins followed in the 1996 season at Dover and a tie with David Summerbell Sr. for the overall championship was the end result.

The next car in line was a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI, Group A spec out of Japan, sponsored by Motor Sales & Service Ltd, Sherwin Williams Paints, Richard James Assc., Bridgestone Tires, Walkerswood Foods and Baycourt Pharmacy.

In 2003, Doug acquired an Evolution VIII prepared by Plaza Autosport of Japan. He won 2 sprint events, four races at Dover and two major rallies (Frome and Petcom Invitational rally), thus winning the Jamaica Millennium Motoring Club’s Rally Championship.

2004 was Doug’s finest year, winning a total of seven events; four rallies and three sprints, winning six events in a row, a first for a Jamaican rally driver! He and co driver Mark Nelson are also the winningest rally team in Jamaica with a total of Seventeen (17) and one international rally win (Rally Mexico) to their credit to date.

Right now in 2011 we have 2 race cars, the 2008 Mitsubishi Evolution 10 and the new ATL Racing Audi, to be launced at the Montego Bay dealership on April 9th, starting at 7 pm.

His advertising partners that make this all possible are ATL Automotive, Boom Energy Drink, Wata and Petcom/Pace Lubricants.


95’       Dover Group 1 Champion
95’       JMC Driver’s, Rally & Sprint & Clubman Champion
95’       MBMC Drivers and Rally Champion.
96’       Dover Group 2 Champion (tie).
96’       JMC Rally & Sprint Champion.
97’       Caribbean Rally Champion.
97’       Team Mobay Racing Club Champion driver.
97’       Dover Heroes meet- Most 1st place wins.
98’       Third overall Caribbean Rally Championship.
98’       1st Place overall front wheel drive JMC Esso Rally.
99’       JMC Rally Champion.
99’       2nd Overall JMC Driver Championship.
99’       Mobay Raceway champion.
99’       Spot Valley Sprint race winner.
00        JMC Rally Champion.
00        Mexico Corona Rally 1st place overall.
00        JMMC Driver’s Championship 2nd place.
01        Alpine Rally of Japan 4th place overall.
01        Mexico Corona Rally 2nd place overall.
01        JMMC Driver’s and Rally championship 2nd place.
01        JMMC/PETCOM Rally 1st place.
01        JMMC Tarmac rally 1st place.
02        JMMC Tarmac rally 1st place.
02        Mobay raceway Sprint champion.
02        PROCHAMPS IP3 Champion.
03        JRDC (DOVER RACEWAY) Won all events entered on heroes Weekend.
03        Frome Rally 1st Place Overall.
03        Spot Valley Sprint 1st place two events.
03        PETCOM Invitational Stages rally 1st place Overall, JMMC Rally Championship 1st place.
04        JMMC JA8 Rally championship 1st place.
04        Spot Valley Race of Champions 1st place Overall
04        6 first place wins in rallies and sprints in a row (A First in Jamaica).
05        JMMC Tarmac rally 1st place overall.
05        Overall winner in JRDC Circuit racing at Dover 2 events.
05        Spot Valley Sprint 2nd place overall. 
06        MBMC/JMMC Mountain Dew/Lloyd’s of Montego bay tarmac Stages rally 1st overall.
06        JMMC Rally Champion 1st overall.
06        MBMC Sprint Champion 1st Overall
06        JRDC Dover Raceway Overall Drivers Champion
07        JMMC / Kir Dex Tarmac Rally 1st Overall
07        MBMC/JMMC Mountain Dew/Lloyd’s of Montego Bay Tarmac Stages rally 2nd overall.
07        MBMC/JMMC St. Elisabeth Tarmac Stages rally 1st overall.
07        JRDC MP3 and GTS Overall Drivers Champion
07        Caribbean Champion – circuit racing
08        Modified Production Class 3 Champion
08        JMMC JA2 Champion
09        Spot Vally Sprint 2nd place overall
09        Spot Valley Sprint 1st place overall
09        Rally Jamaica Group A Champion
09        JRDC MP3 Champion

2010 JRDC MP3 2nd place

2011 JRDC MP4 and Thundersport 2 champion

1st place MP4 race 1, MP4 race 2, Thundersport Class 2 Race Heroes of Speed, October 2011
1st place MP4 race 2, 2nd place MP4 race 1, 1st place Thundersport Class 2 Independence of Speed, August 2011
Dover Lap record holder 1 min. 18.144 secs,


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