Increase in Membership fee/Proposed event dates for 2021

February 11, 2021
Dear Members,
The purpose of this letter is to address Members’ questions and concerns regarding racing
through the pandemic, fee increases which will be in place for the 2021-2022 race season
and proposed race dates.
As of January 31, 2021, the JRDC executive has sent off our proposal for OPERATIONAL
DISTANCING REQUIREMENTS to the JMMC for submission to the MOH for the review and
approval for our 2021 race season. As we await for an expedited response, we encourage
members to equip themselves for the season and prepare for the changes in racing during
this Pandemic. The reality is, in order for us to race, we will have to do so without the usual
spectatorship we are accustomed to. This means smaller crowds; less than quarter of what
we are used to and inevitably means cut of revenue substantially.
Because of this, we have to impose an increase of membership fee to $10,000.00. For those
of you who have not yet submitted a 2021 membership application you need to be aware
that there is a March 15 deadline to submit your application in order to take advantage of
early membership rates. Applications received after March 15 will be subject to a $2,000
late fee applicable to only renewals and not new membership. Please note the Bay Rental
Fees will remain the same for the 2021-2022 season and also is due, payable up to March
15 as well.
So why are we imposing a March 15 deadline? The answer is that we are trying to address a
revenue shortfall that has been caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic and one year of no event.
The solution to this shortfall at the moment is to raise memberships for the year trusting
that we would not lose members, as well as collection of bay fees. Just remember it is
Membership and Bay revenues that keep our Club financially healthy.
When Members pay their fees they have an expectation that our course and its environs
will easily accessible and be in as good a shape as possible. To meet these expectations the
Club has to match expenses with revenue in order to avoid losing money or worse. As work
continues behind the scenes, headed by our President Junior Barnes; doing renovations and
cleanups throughout 2020 which has continued into 2021, we have set forth dates or the
race season.Proposed Event Dates 2021 Are As Follows:
April 5 May 23-24
August 1-2 July 4
October 18 September 26
December 12
As we continue to think of ways to market the club and to introduce and implement new
revenue streams, such as the sale of official merchandise to an online pay-per-view model,
we are working as best as we can through these unprecedented times to bring these ideas
into fruition.
In this respect we are no different than any other business. But the balancing act becomes
all the more difficult when we start the year without a reasonable understanding of what
our membership collections will be will be until well after we have committed the Club to
certain operating expenses i.e. lease, maintenance, cleanup and licenses. Let us continue to
work together in the name of working to keep racing alive and better in Jamaica.
As always we would very much like to get your feedback as well as any suggestions you
might have on growing our Membership and the betterment of the sport going forward.
On behalf of your Executive
Terry Hamilton
Director - JRDC

N.B. All payments can be made via NCB (Hagley Park Branch), account # 171001242 and confirmation of payments sent to [email protected]


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