The chairman of the JRDC, Mr. Norman Minott, backed by the sitting executive, is committed to ensuring the proper sustainable development of Jamaica's circuit racing product that will see increased partnerships with advertisers, competitors, spectators, service providers, affiliate clubs and organisations and the public. Several meetings have been held to arrive at the most practical solution regarding the way forward as both the club and the nation face challenging situations.

Work on the Dover venue has already started ahead of the October 21 race date.
This will be a one day race meet. Monday, October 21, 2013.

The timing loop antenna for the mylaps timing system has been acquired by the JRDC and will be installed before the end of this week and a test session conducted by Neil Williams of the JKA.
As originally planned for the August meet, both the Kronos and the mylaps system will be run in tandem for this meet with approximately 20 competitors using the mylaps system.

There are competitors who participate in karting or who have connections to karting competitors who own their own transponders and these will be used by them (Summerbell, Gore, Rae, Moodies), as well as there will be about 10 additional transponders to be used by select others.

The club is planing on an aggressive marketing drive for the October meet as it seeks to partner with drivers and their sponsors in the promotion of the circuit racing product across the island, with a specific emphasis as suggested by club members of using the pertoleuom companies as centres for advertising, promotion and ticket selling.

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