What should I bring to the race track?

What do you need to bring to a track day?

13 track-day essentials

  1. Helmet. Many clubs have loaner lids and you might consider using one if it’s your first time, but trust me, you don’t want to stick your head inside one of those community. …
  2. Track Tires. …
  3. Socket Set. …
  4. A Good Torque Wrench. …
  5. Duct Tape. …
  6. A Tire-Pressure Gauge. …
  7. Work Gloves and Cleaners. …
  8. Tool Bag.

What do you wear to a race track?

Q: What should you wear to the races that are casual? Wear whatever makes you comfortable. During the regular work week, most people at the races have on jeans and t-shirts. If you’re going on a big race day and don’t want to dress up, stick with a comfortable pair of pants and polo shirt.

Do you need a roll cage for track days?

No, your car does not have to have a roll cage to be used on track. Your car needs to be in a good state of repair and should be fitted with a towing eye or equipped with a suitable bracket for easy recovery. Your car must be fitted with seat belts – 4 or 5 point harnesses are mandatory for race prepared vehicles.

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Do you need a helmet for a track day?

Your helmet must be a proper motorsport or road helmet. You will not be allowed out on track with a skiing or skateboarding helmet. All cars must have towing eyes on both front and rear. Any driver who we feel is not conducting themselves in a proper manner will be asked to leave the circuit.

Can you bring a backpack to a Nascar race?


Don’t be them. Go minimalistic on your carry-along items and if you need a bag, opt for a fanny pack or even a clear backpack that will let you breeze right through security checkpoints and get to the real fun.

Is there a dress code for horse races?

Although far from compulsory in all enclosures, smart dress is the accepted dress code for racegoers. Trainers and shorts are widely regarded as unacceptable, although not forbidden in some enclosures or at some meetings. The classic Flat racing attire for men is a collared shirt with trousers and smart shoes.

What should I bring to a Nascar race?

What to Pack for a NASCAR Race

  • Do bring binoculars to a race, no matter where you’re sitting. …
  • Do bring a camera with a telephoto lens (which brings the action closer to you) if you want a good picture of the cars on the track.
  • Do bring earplugs, especially for children. …
  • Do bring a raincoat. …
  • Do dress for the weather.

Why must you never pull a roll cage?

Safe and Sensible Movement

Although roll cages can be pulled to their destination, this creates high levels of impact stress, which can cause strains and injuries in the operator.

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How fast do you have to go before you need a roll cage?

Roll Cages required on all cars running 6.99* or faster than 135mph. *One exception: full-bodied cars running between 6.40 and 6.99, with unaltered firewalls, floor and body (from firewall rearward – wheel tubes permitted) can compete with just a roll bar.

Do roll cages improve handling?

The short answer is yes, a roll cage can and usually will improve handling. By limiting chassis flex, you’re allowing the suspension to do its job better and much quicker.

Do you need gloves for track day?

So if you’re planning on attending a track day, you’ll have to get one. … You might not think you need driving gloves for a track day, but grip the wheel hard enough and long enough, and the blisters on your fingers will say differently. This pair from Sabelt is FIA approved, and looks great.

Can I drive my car on a track?

Track days are opportunities to drive your street car on a real racetrack for minimal cost. All that’s needed is a car in good condition, a valid driver’s license, and an approved racing helmet.

How much does it cost to drive your car on a track?

Occasionally, tracks host their own “open lapping” sessions, but most track days are set up by car clubs. From the schedule, figure out which clubs are hosting a track day and then check out that particular club’s website to look up how to register and what it costs. Expect to pay about $200 for a day of lapping.

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