Do Formula E cars have drivers?

The Formula E championship is currently contested by twelve teams with two drivers each. The sport features electric-powered race cars similar in style to the hybrid-drive cars of Formula One. Racing generally takes place on temporary city-centre street circuits, 1.9 to 3.4 km (1.2 to 2.1 mi) long.

Who drives in Formula E?

formula-e Drivers 2021

  • Robin Frijns. Team: Virgin Racing. …
  • Stoffel Vandoorne. Team: Mercedes. …
  • Nico Müller. Team: Dragon Racing. …
  • Sergio Sette Camara. Team: Dragon Racing. …
  • Oliver Turvey. Team: NIO Formula E Team. …
  • Sam Bird. Team: Jaguar Racing. …
  • Lucas di Grassi. Team: Team Abt. …
  • Antonio Felix da Costa. Team: Techeetah.

How many drivers are there in Formula E?

11 teams, 22 cars and 22 drivers but only one winner. Meet the heroes behind the helmets and find out more about the teams and manufacturers in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship.

Can Formula E drivers go to F1?

In order to qualify for an e-Licence, a driver must have acquired at least 20 points according to the FIA’s Super Licence system, designed specifically for Formula One.


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Formula One & Formula E Drivers
Driver FE years F1 years
Sakon Yamamoto 2015 2006-2011

Are there any female drivers in Formula E?

British racer Katherine Legge has become the first female driver and the 11th in total to be confirmed to race in the new all-electric FIA Formula E Championship after signing for the newly rebranded Amlin Aguri Formula E team. … We will be driving in their cities on their streets.”

Does Formula E have pit stops?

In Formula E, you’re allowed to pit under a safety car so long as you stop at your garage. It’s so you can make repairs if you need to but you can’t use the pit lane as a shortcut.

Who is the best Formula E driver?


Pos Driver Points
1 Nyck de Vries 99
2 Edoardo Mortara 92
3 Jake Dennis 91
4 Mitch Evans 90

Are Formula E cars faster than F1?

The newest all-electric Formula E race cars reach maximum speeds of 280km/h, compared to top speeds reaching 397km/h for F1. … It is important to remember that F1 has had many decades to develop and improve their technology to become the speediest racing cars on earth.

Who is the youngest Formula E driver?

The youngest driver

At just 22 years old, Maximilian Guenther (born 2 July 1997) is Formula E’s youngest ever regular driver. Despite his youth, the Allgäu native has plenty of experience under his belt and is considered to be one of Germany’s rising stars in the world of racing.

Do Formula E cars have gears?

There’s another fundamental reason why Formula E cars use a transmission: because the rules say so. The regulations stipulate that the motor must deliver drive to both wheels through a single mechanical transmission, so you need at least one gear set to accomplish this final drive.

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Do Formula E cars recharge?

This is twice the performance of the older Gen1 battery, the increase in energy storage allows the cars to race for the full +45 minute race without recharging or car swaps.

Are Formula E cars fully electric?

(Pocket-lint) – Formula E is billed as the electric future of car racing. The premise behind the series is not only that the cars are fully electric, but that the 12 teams, each with two drivers, compete in identically set-up, electric battery-powered race cars.

How much horsepower does a Formula E car have?

Technical specifications

Engine Season 1: McLaren Electronic Systems Season 2 Onwards: Various Center back position SRT01E: Max power: 200 kW, (180 hp in economy mode; 270 hp in qualification mode). SRT05E: Max power: 250 kW, (270 hp in race mode, 301 hp in Attack Mode, 335 HP in Fanboost mode)

How fast do Formula E cars go?

Alongside the improved longevity, the maximum power output of the car has increased to 250kW – an increase of 50kW that will see the potential top speed of Formula E reach 280 km/h (174 mph).

How does Formula E work?

How do Formula E cars work? Formula E cars have a powertrain made up of an inverter, a motor and a transmission. The inverter takes the electricity created by the battery and converts it from a direct current (DC) to an alternating current (AC) charge, which the motor uses to turn the wheels.