Frequent question: Will fans be allowed at NHRA events?

The pits at NHRA national events will be open to all fans, but in order to allow this, fans and racers must practice caution including but not limited to: Limiting face-to-face contact and staying as contactless as possible. Maintaining social distancing at a minimum of 6 feet is recommended.

How much are NHRA tickets at the gate?

NHRA Nationals tickets will generally start in the $50 to $90 range for the first day of the event. Starting prices for the Saturday and Sunday portion of the event will be around $70 to over $100 depending on seating location.

What can I expect at the NHRA event?

What to Expect. Unlike a typical three-hour football game or two-hour concert, NHRA Drag Racing is an all-day affair. … At most events, Friday and Saturday afford two qualifying shots per day, and most feature a Friday night session that transforms fuel-car racing into an ethereal sight.

Was NHRA Cancelled?

NHRA – National Hot Rod Association

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The 2021 Flav-R-Pac NHRA Northwest Nationals has been canceled due to current state COVID-19 restrictions.

How much does it cost to go to a NHRA race?

a) Required to pay $250 entry fee (U.S. Nationals $300). Entry fee includes a total of four (4) full event credentials (each credential includes admittance to special racer/VIP sponsor grandstand).

How long does a NHRA drag race last?

The standard distance of a drag race is 1,320 feet, 402 m, or 1/4 mile( +- 0,2% FIA & NHRA rules). However, due to safety concerns, certain sanctioning bodies (notably the NHRA for its Top Fuel and Funny Car classes) have shortened races to 1,000 feet.

How long does a drag race event last?

Drag racing is a motor vehicle event where two cars or motorcycles compete side by side to cross the finish line before their opponent. The most common course length for drag racing is a quarter of a mile, or 1,320 feet long.

Is drag racing Illegal?

California law makes it illegal to engage in street racing, drag racing or speed contests on public roads, streets and highways. These offenses are punished under Vehicle Code 23109 VC (speed contests) and Vehicle Code 23103 VC (reckless driving).

What does et stand for in drag racing?

Car with doors. Elapsed Time (E.T.) The time it takes a vehicle to travel from the starting line to the finish line. Eliminations. When vehicles are raced two at a time, resulting in one winner and one loser.

What does staging mean in drag racing?

Shallow staging involves rolling through the starting area until both the prestage and stage lights are lit. This maximizes the amount of rollout you have, which improves elapsed time at the expense of reaction time. This is the technique recommended for new bracket racers until they learn proper launch procedures.

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What does NHRA mean?

NHRA – National Hot Rod Association.

How much does a Top Fuel dragster driver make?

Average Total Cash Compensation

  • $37 k.
  • $46 k.
  • $55 k.

How much does a street drag car cost?

Not to mention, the cost of the chassis itself, so you’re looking at well over $100,000 for a car. Monza from SO has said that he’s dropped more than $200k into his whip. Plus, the rules of the races in SO stipulate a very specific kind of vehicle.

Is drag racing an expensive hobby?

Drag racing

For those addictive to adrenaline and the smell of burning tires, this hobby is a perfect choice. Speed is the essential component of this hobby, but you will also spend your money pretty fast! Depending on the amount of work you are ready to do on the car, the price will range from some $3,000 to $20,000.

Can you make money drag racing?

In some cases, a summer’s catch can earn you anything from $20,000 to $50,000, but this means traveling extensively from circuit to circuit and winning consistently.” In other words, if you’re quite a good driver, there’s a chance that you can make some good money from the races. You just need to be dedicated too.