How do I change my tour on Mario Kart?

To change it, just click on the CC box. Then, the four options will come up and you just need to click on the one you want. It’ll then become active for that race. However, most players will only be able to choose between 50, 100, and 150CC.

How do you reset Mario Kart Tour?

How to Reroll

  1. Download the app. Download Mario Kart Tour and link your Nintendo Account.
  2. Use the first free Pipe draw. Use the first free pipe draw to get a driver from one of the following. …
  3. Finish the Tutorial. …
  4. Use the second free Pipe draw. …
  5. Clear the First Cup. …
  6. Use the 20 Rubies for the Pipe. …
  7. Delete Saved Data.

How do you cancel Mario Kart Tour?


  1. Go to the Play Store.
  2. Tap the menu button.
  3. Tap the subscription button.
  4. Tap Mario Kart Tour.
  5. Select Cancel.
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How do I change my tour name on Mario Kart?

Tap the name at the drivers license

Look for the Driver License. Tap your in-game name to edit it.

When should you reset the pipe Mario Kart?

With all smaller chances (in red) you should reset, with all larger chances (in green) you should make another pull with the same pipe. Here’s an example: You have 90 rubies for two x10 pulls. Your pipe contains 80 more items, 5 of which are high-ends, since you already did two x10 pulls and got one high-end.

What does the reset button do on Mario Kart?

The shop has a button that you can use to reset your pipe. This will refill your pipe back to 100 items, so the total is 6 again. You always get the best chance when the table shows when to keep going and when to reset.

Is Mario Kart Tour free?

Mario Kart Tour free to play

Excitingly, and good news for Mario Kart fans, the game is free to play on mobile devices, meaning anyone can play it.

How do you unlock 200CC in Mario Kart Tour?

As it stands right now, 200CC mode can only be unlocked by purchasing the Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass for $4.99 a month. The good news is, right here at launch, you can get the Gold Pass free for 14 days, which gives you at least two weeks to try out 200CC mode and see if you even want to race at that speed.

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How do you change your name on Mario Kart 7?


  1. Go onto Mii maker, find and select your Mii then change its name. …
  2. Too Change your Mii name in-game, you have too change it on the system(In Mii Make). …
  3. It’s not possible to see your Mii name in Mario Kart 7, however, people that you race online with will see your Mii’s name.

How do you tour with friends on Mario Kart?

How to add friends to Mario Kart Tour

  1. Open the Mario Kart Tour app.
  2. When the main menu loads, tap the Menu button at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Select the Friends icon.
  4. Tap on theAdd Friend button.
  5. Now you will need to exchange your Player ID number with your friend.

Is Mario Kart Tour a spin off?

“Mario Kart Tour” is a spinoff game, like “Super Mario Run” and “Mario Kart Arcade GP.” … The latest game in that series — “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” — is the most recent main series entry.

What happens if you reset a pipe in Mario Kart Tour?

The Pipe can be reset, but players are not guaranteed to receive all unique items within its use. It is possible to obtain duplicate items, which will cause the existing character’s, kart’s or glider’s skill level to increase. The number of characters, karts and gliders in each Pipe is determined by their rarity.

How do pipes work Mario Kart Tour?

A pipe is a game mechanic in Mario Kart Tour, from which the player can obtain drivers, karts, gliders and tickets. 1 pipe costs 5 rubies. The player can also buy 10 pipes at once, which costs 45 rubies, therefore saving the player 5 rubies.

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How many rubies does it take to empty a pipe?

Many will save enough rubies to empty a pipe (450 rubies for a 100 pipe or 225 for a 50 pipe), to make sure that if the high ends are at the bottom, they can get them.