How do I get motorsport sponsorship?

How do you get sponsored for a race car?

The best way to get sponsored is to be professional and not treat companies like a source of free parts. Before contacting a brand, do research on them to see if your car will be a good fit, and then show them that you know and care about their products. After contacting them, don’t send endless follow-up emails.

How do you get sponsored for motorcycle racing?

Maintain a Professional Race Program

This is the most obvious way for you to attract sponsors. Simply put: the more races you win, the more you’ll attract sponsors to support you. Keep your racing program professional, consistent, and clean.

How do I get opportunities for sponsorship?

How to Get Sponsors for an Event: Our 9 Step Guide

  1. Define the fundamentals of your event.
  2. Dig into why companies want to sponsor events.
  3. Define the sponsorship criteria.
  4. Research companies that have sponsored similar events.
  5. Use an online marketplace to find potential sponsors.
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How much do sponsors pay racers?

It also depends on how long you want to sponsor the car for.

You could pay anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 for a single race deal, or several hundred thousand dollars to have your brand there for the full season.

Is sponsoring a race car tax deductible?

Ordinary and necessary expenses

To be deductible, auto racing expenses must be “ordinary and necessary” to the operation of the related business. … “Necessary” has been interpreted to mean only that the expense is helpful and appropriate in promoting and maintaining the business.

How do you get sponsored by BMW?

To be considered for a donation or sponsorship, BMW requires completion of an online application that includes the following components:

  1. Name and contact information.
  2. Description of the organization, including a mission statement, history of the organization and services provided.
  3. Date of event (if applicable)

How do you get sponsored for a bike?

Start an interesting blog and contribute to other blogs, get lots of twitter followers, help your local cycling club, host group rides, be active in the cycling community, set a good example and the best cyclist you can be. Anything you can do to benefit the cycling community reflects positively on your sponsor.

How do you get sponsors for motocross?

How to Get Sponsored in Motocross: The Ultimate Guide

  1. Reach Out to Multiple Companies.
  2. Continuously Show Up to Races.
  3. Be Professional.
  4. Find Different Ways to Reach an Audience.
  5. Know the Product/Brand You Are Promoting.
  6. Stay in Contact With Your Sponsor.
  7. Conclusion.
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How can I get sponsorship online?

How to Get Online Event Sponsors

  1. 10 Strategies for Finding a Sponsor for Your Online Events or Conferences. …
  2. Find Event Sponsors Who Share Your Company Values. …
  3. Find Event Sponsors Who Work in a Related Field. …
  4. Offer Something of Value to Your Online Event Sponsors. …
  5. Run a Paid Campaign to Find Event Sponsors and Attendees.

How do you get a personal sponsor?

3 Strategies for Attracting a Sponsor

  1. Identify 1-3 people who you think would be an ideal sponsor. …
  2. Get them to know who you are and to see you in action. …
  3. Give them a reason to sponsor you. …
  4. Look the part. …
  5. Act the part. …
  6. Deliver results for the part. …
  7. You’re seen as lacking potential. …
  8. You’re seen as selectively motivated.

How do I find a local sponsor?

How to Get Local Businesses to Sponsor Your Event

  1. Know who to ask. Use your inner circle to find the best leads to potential sponsors. …
  2. Learn how to make a pitch. …
  3. Know your talking points. …
  4. Be clear. …
  5. Be open. …
  6. Think big. …
  7. A “no” is not a rejection. …
  8. Build your relationship.

Who does Valvoline sponsor?

Valvoline is the Official Lubricants Partner of Hendrick Motorsports with full-season associate sponsorship of the team’s four-car stable, which includes 2020 NASCAR champion Chase Elliott and three-time playoff contender Alex Bowman.

How much does it cost to build a dirt track car?

They are raced on dirt tracks throughout the country anywhere from 1/5 to one mile. The expense for these cars is significant. The cost for one complete race-ready late model is around $70,000. There is also cheaper equipment and parts that can be purchased, but staying competitive is much more expensive.

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Can you make money racing cars?

As you know, many drivers race in what are called professional racing series – the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge (CTSCC) or Pirelli World Challenge (PWC) are good examples. But a large percentage of drivers are paying to be there. … Getting paid to drive a race car is what I think of as racing professionally.