How do you measure a go kart?

The dimensions of a go-kart wheel are measured by the number of the bolts, the bolt hole diameter and the bolt circle diameter. Let me give you an example. An American go-kart wheel with dimensions of 5 1/2” x 6” has 5 bolt holes, with a 1/2-inch diameter bolt hole and a 6-inch bolt circle diameter.

How do you size a go-kart?

How to Measure Go Kart Chain Size

Chain Size # Pitch Roller Diameter
219 7.774mm ~ 5/16″ 4.59mm
35 3/8″ .200
415 1/2″ .312
41 1/2″ .306

What is the length and width of a go-kart?

Although go-karts come in all shapes and sizes, the racing variety are largely the same. Sprint and oval kart chassis will typically meet the standard measurements of 78” long, 25” tall and 52” wide.

How do you measure a go-kart frame?

On a kart, this measurement is made in a straight line from the centerline of the front wheel, to the centerline of the rear wheel. For ease of measurement, CKT recommends measuring from the center of the kingpin of the front spindle, to the middle of the rear axle, as this is the straightest line to measure.

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How do you read go-kart rim sizes?

The dimension of the go-kart tire refers to its size. An example would be 10 x 6.5 – 5, which makes reference to the height, width a rim diameter.

How do you measure a go kart sprocket for a chain?

To measure the chain size, if you have just the sprocket, use calipers to measure between the teeth. Measure from center to center of where the chain roller would set between the teeth that will give you the pitch. Once you know the pitch you can determine what chain size you would need.

What size is a 219 chain?

If it’s #35 pitch it will measure approximately 10mm (9.525mm = 3/8 inch), if it’s #219 pitch it will measure approximately 8mm (7.774mm). The reason we measure approximately is because these tow chain pitches are measured in imperial inches rather than metric mm.

How do you find out what kind of go kart I have?

The most obvious way to find your go kart model is to look on either side of the main frame or near the front of the body.

How big is the average go kart track?

The average length for a serious racing track for karts is around 1,100 – 1,200 meters, 7 to 9 meters in width.

How wide is a 2 seater go kart?

Go-Kart GK-D125 125cc 2-seater Specifications

Engine / Drive Train
Engine Type 125cc Single cylinder, 4-stroke, 6.5HP
Length 74 inches / 21.5 inches beween the pedel and the edge of the seat
Width 49 inches front / 40 inches rear
Height 53 inches
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What is the wheelbase on a go-kart?

Most wheel base on a standard kart is 41.250. Junior and cadet karts a tad shorter. Measure for king bolt center to rear axle center will tell you what kart you have. It is probably a “full size” chassis.

What size go-kart engine do I need?

The best go kart engine for kids should sit right around 5-7 hp, have a 3/4″ shaft, and fit a centrifugal clutch or 30 series torque converter, and has a standard bolt pattern for easy mounting.

What size are go kart wheels?

Go kart racing wheels are usually either 5″ or 6″ in diameter. Rear wheels are generally wider than the front wheels, although that depends on the type of racing you do. The width of the wheels and the width of the tires need to match.

How do you measure a go kart axle?

: Use a Vernier caliper. If not – take a shoe lace, wind it around the axle – just one turn. Mark where the tip connects to the rest of the lace. Measure the length of the lace ( tip of the lace to the marked point ) – this is your circumference.