How do you use Star tickets on Mario Kart Tour?

What is a grand star in Mario Kart Tour?

Mario Kart Tour. A Grand Star (グランドスター) is a collectible item first featured in 2007’s Super Mario Galaxy. As an upgrade to regular Power Stars, these exceptionally rare items are able to unlock new domes (worlds), which in turn allows the player to progress in the game.

How do you get Grand stars on Mario Kart Tour?

Collect Grand Stars by earning points in races or by testing your driving skills in challenges! The more Grand Stars you earn, the more Cups and Tour Gifts you unlock. Try to collect enough Grand Stars to unlock everything in a single tour!

How do you get tickets on Mario Kart Tour?

Quick tickets are items in Mario Kart Tour used to reduce the remaining time needed for all cups to unlock by one day. A quick ticket can be obtained by completing the first Tour Challenges of a tour. Before the Cooking Tour, they were also available from the shop for 1,000 coins.

How do you use Quick tickets?

Quick Tickets are used to access Cups sooner. One quick ticket decreases the wait time of all cups by 1 day. Click on a cup that’s not yet available (due to days remaining) and tap “Use ticket.”

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How do I exchange stars for Grand Stars?

Star tickets can be exchanged for 1 Grand Star each. Grand Stars are used to unlock new cups and open Tour Gifts. Click on an unopened gift and tap “Star Ticket.” Use Tickets (if you have enough).

How do you get coin rush tickets?

Coin Rush tickets are items in Mario Kart Tour used to give free access to the “Coins × 2” variant of Coin Rush. Without a ticket, a player must pay 5 rubies to play this variant. A Coin Rush ticket can be obtained by completing the second Tour Challenges of a tour and from Token Shops.

How do you get grade E on Mario Kart Tour?

Tips for Clearing Multiplayer Challenges

  1. Reach grade E to A in multiplayer. …
  2. Join 5 multiplayer races via With Friends or Others Nearby. …
  3. Join 3 multiplayer races. …
  4. Join 15 multiplayer races. …
  5. Join 30 multiplayer races. …
  6. List of Challenges. …
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