What game is closest to NFS Underground 2?

Which need for speed is most like underground?

10 Need For Speed: Carbon

Need For Speed: Carbon is a lot like Need For Speed: Underground, but it had a shorter, albeit still enjoyable single-player campaign in comparison.

Is NFS Underground 2 on ps4?

need for speed underground 2 ps4 – Best Buy.

Is NFS Underground 2 a good game?

The Outrun races ARE fun, but some of them can last up to 15 minutes, and if you want to progress, you’re simply going to have to wait. In all, NFSU2 is an impressive, and more importantly, fun game that overcomes its faults with depth, breadth, and variety.

Is Forza better than Need for Speed?

For Track racing, you should go with The Forza Motorsport series. However, if you want a Racing Game with great graphics, customization, story, Intense Police chases, and a Arcade driving experience then NEED FOR SPEED is the best!!

Which is the best version of Need for Speed?

10 Best Need for Speed games, ranked

  1. Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012) (Image credit: EA)
  2. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. (Image credit: EA) …
  3. Need for Speed Heat. (Image credit: EA) …
  4. Need for Speed Rivals. (Image credit: EA) …
  5. Shift 2: Unleashed. …
  6. Need for Speed: Shift. …
  7. Need for Speed (2015) …
  8. Need for Speed Payback. …
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Is Underground 2 Getting remastered?

It baffles me that Need For Speed Underground 2 hasn’t been remastered already. … It’s not like EA doesn’t do remasters, either. The Mass Effect trilogy was been given a new lick of paint and some smart gameplay tweaks earlier this year.

Is NFS Underground 2 remastered real?

Of course, the new Underground 2 Remastered clip is totally unofficial, with no ties at all to Electronic Arts whatsoever. The footage was created by Russian company Odonata, a group that specializes in car and motorsport commercials.

Is There a Need for Speed Underground 3?

Need for Speed: Underground 3 is a racing game by Ghost Games and co-developed by Eastmost Peninsula Games and EA Canada. It is the first NFS game in the series to be co-developed by a Japanese company and the first game co-developed by EA Canada since NFS: Porsche Unleashed.

How many cars are there in NFS Underground 2?

There are two versions of the game, US and EU, where each version has 29 of 31 possible cars: the US version has an Acura RSX and a Honda Civic, while the EU version instead has a Peugeot 106 and a Vauxhall Corsa, the rest of the 27 cars in both versions are the same.

When did Need for Speed Underground 2 come out?

need for speed underground 2 xbox one – Best Buy.

What is the latest Need for Speed game?

The most recent game, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered, was released on November 6, 2020.

What’s better Gran Turismo or Forza?

The visuals and graphics on Gran Turismo 5 and 6 has been slowly falling behind Forza, however Gran Turismo Sport takes this to a whole new level and is a much more beautiful game than Forza in almost every way. … The visuals during gameplay are still miles better than those on Forza however.

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Which is better NFS heat or Forza Horizon?

Although FH4 is overwhelmingly better, I do feel NFS Heat takes a more street-racer and “neon” approach to make the nights brighter, more colourful and livelier to race in. It pops more compared to the bland and gloomy, but arguably realistic approach that FH4 takes in terms of its overall lighting.