What is a perfect light in drag racing?

500 is a perfect light on a sportsman tree, . 400 on a Pro tree.) What this really means is that your front tire(s) left the stage beam . 031 seconds after the green light came on.

What’s a good reaction time drag racing?

400 seconds is considered a perfect Reaction Time). Leave too soon and you “red light,” or foul and are disqualified. Leave too late and you may give your opponent a head start that you can’t overcome, even with a quicker and faster car.

What do the lights mean in drag racing?

A drag racing event is a series of such two-vehicle, tournament-style eliminations. … The stage bulbs light, indicating that the vehicle is ready to race. When both vehicles are fully staged, the starter will activate the Tree, and each racer will focus on the three large amber lights on his or her side.

How do drag racing staging lights work?

When your car’s front tires interrupt the first beam, you trigger the prestage light. That lets you, your opponent, and the starting line official know you are close to the starting line. When you cross the second beam, you trigger the stage light, indicating you are ready to race.

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What wins a drag race?

In the simplest terms, drag racing is a sport where two vehicles compete side-by-side in an acceleration contest. Both drivers race in a straight line from a standing start to a finish line 1/8 mile away. The first to cross the finish line wins the race. Competition is part driver and part machine.

What is the average reaction time for a drag racer?

The importance of a good reaction time

The average human reaction time is approximately 0.18 seconds and as a rule of thumb let’s say that each 1000lbs of weight in your car equals 0.1 seconds of vehicle reaction time.

What is the ET time in drag racing?

The time it takes for the vehicle to go from start to finish is what’s known as an elapsed time, (or e.t.), which measures performance and determines handicaps during competition. At a NHRA sanctioned event, you’ll see two types of drag racing: heads-up and handicap.

What is red light in racing?

RED LIGHT: When the front wheel of a vehicle leaves the starting line before the green light comes on, the red light will flash in that lane to indicate that the driver in that lane has been disqualified. During competition, only one red light will flash, thus eliminating only the first offender.

What is deep stage in drag racing?

Deep staging is the practice of rolling forward enough to turn off the prestage light. The thought behind this is you are closer to the finish line than your opponent.

What is double ball in drag racing?

Then both racers in turn push in to turn on their second stage bulb. The opposite of courtesy staging is generally called double bulbing. Which is when a racer turns on the first and second stage bulb before their opponent turns on their first bulb. Sometimes this is just inexperience.

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